A Matter of Perspective

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When my “work plate” and “life plate” collide, I lose focus and both worlds suffer. By reading George Couros’ blogs, I usually gain energy, and I can re-focus. Such is the case with his recent take on “Why People Keep Going.”

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Authentic Advocacy Through Teaching Research


The best advocacy is the kind that arises from the work you do to increase students’ learning. This idea is best demonstrated in the edWeb presentation I watched yesterday by Michele Luhtala, a well-known librarian from New Caanan High School in Connecticut.

Michele shared the culmination of four years of work she has been doing with English and Social Studies teachers to increase students’ success in the research process. Her assessment pieces are mind-blowing. Her webinar was entitled, Evidence-Based Advocacy: Using Data to Demonstrate Impact of Library Programs on Student Learning. Continue reading

SCHLIBTalk’s Links

Periodically, we all need a reminder as to where we librarians can subscribe and unsubscribe to SCHLIBTalk, Here is the link: https://listserv.nodak.edu/cgi-bin/wa.exe?SUBED1=schlibtalk&A=1.

Emails from the past 15 years have been archived. Here is the direct link to the archives: https://listserv.nodak.edu/cgi-bin/wa.exe?A0=SCHLIBTALK.

If at anytime either of these two links stop working, let me know and I will find new links.


New Items Added to Digital Horizons (Nov.-Dec. 2019)

The Digital Initiatives team at the North Dakota State Library has been keeping busy. Many items have been uploaded onto Digital Horizons in the last couple of months. Listed below is a highlight of new items added to the North Dakota State Library’s online collections. You can access the items featured below by clicking on them or by visiting the Digital Horizons website (where you will also find thousands of other treasures).

Gordon & Emma Anderson Collection

ND Atlases and Plat Books

ND County & Town Histories

ND Memories

ND State Documents

Prairie Recipes

T. E. McMillan Diaries

January 2020 School Library CE Events

Note: The following events have been labeled as Professional Development (PD), Library Information (LI), Classroom Connection (CC), or Technology-Related (TR).

Share these webinar topics with your staff if they apply.

January Calendar

Jan 10: (1-2 pm) Three Steps to Thriving in Chaos (Effectiveness Institute) PD

Jan 13:  (4-5 pm) Leading Digital Learning: Successful Strategies for 1:1 Implementations TR

Jan 14: (1-2 pm) Presenting the 2020 Morris Award Finalists (Booklist) LI

Jan 14:  (1-2 pm) The Universal Way to Unlock Bold Change (InSyncTraining) PD

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Changes to State Aid Application Process


Changes are coming! The process to submit State Aid applications is changing for Fiscal Year 2020.

Public Library State Aid applications will open on February 1, 2020, and close on March 31, 2020. The window to complete State Aid applications has been extended to allow time for librarians to work with their local auditors to compile the information needed and for the auditors to certify the State Aid applications.

The new process detailed below has been put in place to provide an additional level of accountability to ensure that figures supplied on application forms have been input by library directors and reviewed by auditors for accuracy prior to their submission. As a result, State Aid to Public Library checks for Fiscal Year 2020 will be issued in April.

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Tips for Writing a Successful Grant

In continuing the dialogue around grant writing, School Library Journal (SLJ) formed a panel of four librarians to discuss grant writing for a November 2019 webcast. That information was summarized in an SLJ online article. I am highlighting the tidbits here.

Lisa Mulvenna’s advice:

Tip 1. Before you search for grants or donors, decide on the problem you are trying to solve or the gap that needs to be filled. This step is your objective.

Tip 2. Work out your purpose and tentative budget.

Tip 3. Develop your why.

Tip 4. Develop goals and think about sustainability.

Tip 5. Find statistics that support the program or project’s purpose.

Tip 6. Determine its impact on the community.

Tip 7. What’s next after the grant has been used.

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edWeb: The Professional Learning Network (PLN)

LibrariansLogicProfessional Learning Communities (PLCs) are popular in many schools, but I have found that Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) were also useful for me. edWeb.net is my favorite PLN.

They are a professional network that serves the education community by offering free webinars, presented by educators and education-minded individuals, on timely topics. I consider edWeb to be my personal learning community. Continue reading

December 2019 School Library CE Events

December Calendar

Dec 10: Getting the Balance Right: Social Media (Utah State Library)

Dec 10: Brain-based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention (InSync Training)

Dec 10: Building STEAM Confidence and Creativity in Middle School (edWeb)

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The Positive Force of Failure


If you haven’t read anything by George Couros, I’d recommend bookmarking his blog and finding 5 minutes to read his posts. He causes me to reflect on my own experiences in a way that encourages growth. Such is the case with his recent blog, “The Feedback of Failure.” Continue reading