The Joys of Winter Travel in North Dakota

I’ll admit it – when thinking about traveling around North Dakota in the middle of winter, Joy is not the first feeling that comes to mind. Apprehension and Dread are more like it. After checking and rechecking the weather forecast and ND Dept. of Transportation road conditions map dozens of times over the preceding days and packing my winter emergency gear, I ventured out on the road last Thursday, making stops at the Carrington City Library, Lakota City Library, and Lake Region Public Library in Devils Lake. I was happy to have the company of Michele from our administrative office on this trip – it was really  nice to not be traveling alone for a change! All in all, it was a productive, but very long day, and other than a few icy patches and some pretty serious fog on the return trip, the going was pretty easy, for February in North Dakota, anyway. Many thanks to Lenore, Geri, and Jim for your time and hospitality!

Elizabeth with Lenore Franchuk, Carrington City Librarian

Elizabeth with Lenore Franchuk, Carrington City Librarian

Lakota City Library presented annual report award

Michele & Elizabeth presented an award to Geri Wagness, Lakota City Librarian, in recognition of being the first to complete this year’s public library annual report. Also present was library board member Peggy Wheeler. Congratulations!


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