Library Director Orientation in Mott with Kimberly Herring

I had the pleasure of visiting the Mott Public Library this Wednesday to meet their new director, learn of her plans for the library, and take her through the very first Library Director Orientation training that NDSL Field Services has offered.

The town of Mott is lucky to have Kimberly–she’s very enthusiastic about the library and impressively dedicated to it (as was their last librarian, who’s now serving as the City Auditor right next door). She’s already got plans underway to update the Children’s area, carve out a YA area, and boost adult circulation through more prominent displays of new material close to the entrance. She’s also preparing to start public movie screenings (licensed, of course!) and has been seriously thinking about options for gaming in the library as another way to bring in the young folks. Huzzah! Beyond that, she’s continuing the cataloging retro-conversion that her predecessor began, and constantly posting updates to the Library’s website and Facebook page. Oh, did I mention that she’s planning various Gnome-related Summer Reading events to tie-in to the Dig Into Reading theme?

Photo of Mott Public Library Director Kimberly Herring holding two gnomes

Kimberly Herring, Mott Public Library Director, with two friendly gnomes

For the first such orientation I’ve done, I must say that it went great! Kimberly and I covered an impressive checklist of topics, including services offered by the State Library, planning, library policies, board and director responsibilities, online library resources, library friends groups and foundations, weeding, technology, library law, and statistics. We wrapped up just as school was letting out, and she encouraged me to flee before the place was overrun.

A snapshot of part of the checklist of things covered during the orientation, including State Library services, public library statistics, library board and director responsibilities, library law...

Just some of the topics covered

Kimberly did note that she really wants a book drop for the library, so if anyone has any ideas on how to scrounge one (or if you have a spare!) please let us know.

Finally, if you’d like a refresher on any of these topics, don’t hesitate to contact your friendly Field Services librarian. We’re always happy to pay you visit!


2 responses to “Library Director Orientation in Mott with Kimberly Herring

  1. Eric Stroshane

    I forgot to mention that as a result of this orientation, Kimberly is applying for a library technology grant!

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