Online Learning Versus Classroom Learning

Which learning experience is best for you? Briefly, here are the pros and cons:

Classroom Pros

  • Face-to-face interaction (read body language)
  • Learn from questions and answers of classmates
  • Easy to network with classmates

Classroom Cons

  • Must travel to classroom (weather may affect)
  • Class is held at a specific time
  • Must work at the speed of the class

Online Pros

  • No travel time or travel cost
  • Convenient
  • Work at your own speed

Online Cons

  • No visual cues from teacher or classmates
  • Expressing thoughts, feelings, or opinions in writing may be difficult
  • Difficult to network with peers.

Basically, a classroom learning experience lets you interact face-to-face with classmates, who may slow you down or motivate you. Online learning is convenient but requires self-motivation, self-discipline and a high degree of organization. Choose the method or mixture that works best for you.


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