Great Ideas for Library Book Displays

Book Display

Though many libraries have moved the focus of their marketing efforts to virtual forums like Facebook and Twitter, in-person, in-library highlighting of library collections in the form of book displays is still a major marketing tool for public libraries. If you’re looking for tips and advice for putting together high impact, high interest book displays that will get patrons excited to walk out the door with your highlighted materials, check out Lawrence Public Library Marketing Director Susan Brown’s article “Twenty Rules for Better Book Displays.”

Here are a few of Brown’s “Rules:”

Rule #4: Don’t limit yourself to books. Whenever you can, mix in other types of media (DVDs, audiobooks) that are applicable to your print book display.

Rule #8: Use props judiciously. Brown advises that it’s better to use one or two larger props (a suitcase for a travel book display; a bike wheel for a cycling book display, for example) than a whole bunch of smaller ones. The goal of the display is to encourage people to take materials from it, but if the display is covered with lots of small, intricately arranged pieces, people may feel like they’re messing up a work of art by taking a part of it.

Rule #13: Let pop culture inspire your displays. Tying into popular culture shows patrons your library is fresh, relevant, and in step with what’s cool and popular. Use your displays to highlight things in your collection that would be of interest to people who are into what’s big in pop culture at the moment.

There are lots of great ideas here that will hopefully inspire some great new book displays in your library. View the full article online at the NoveList section of the Ebscohost website.


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