Spring Workshops Kick Off Today!

The North Dakota State Library’s annual Spring Workshops got underway in Bismarck today. Though it in no way looks like spring outside our office window (we’re expecting up to 4 inches of snow here today!), school and public librarians from around the state are getting together to learn from a number of great speakers and from each other. Things got started this morning with this year’s featured speaker Sue Black and her program “It Takes a Village (Bullying Prevention).” Sue is a storyteller, teaching artist, and certified bullying prevention trainer. She is an engaging speaker, full of stories and real-life examples, and she had the audience on the edge of their seats, interested and engaged and ready to participate and share. This afternoon, Ms. Black will present the program “Storytelling? You Can Do It!” which teaches librarians the ins and outs of using dynamic storytelling techniques in their work.

Spring Workshops continue tomorrow with a number of great sessions:

  • Crafts in the Library
  • Tutor ND
  • Literati Public
  • Ancestry Library Edition
  • Wanna Be My Friend? The Ins and Outs of Online Social Networks
  • U.S. Census Data and the New American FactFinder System
  • Doing a Lot with Nothing (Open source software)
Late spring snow in Bismarck

We may call them “Spring Workshops,” but the view from our office window looks more like January 8th than April 8th.


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