Free App Buffet

I’ve gotten a number of requests to share the resources from my recent Spring Workshop on free and Open Source software for productivity and public access computer enrichment. I thought I’d gather them together in a format that’s more accessible than the download links scattered throughout my Prezi. I even added a few apps for good measure. Cheers!

Open Source Software

  • LibreOffice Office software suite
  • Scribus Desktop publishing
  • Audacity Sound recording and editing
  • GIMP Image manipulation program
  • Inkscape Vector graphics editor
  • Nvu Web authoring system
  • SageThumbs Convert images from the right-click menu
  • VLC Simple, fast, and powerful media player


  • DuplicateCommander locate and eliminate duplicate files
  • MyFolders Right-click menu extender allows you to quickly move/copy files to designated folders
  • Panda USB Vaccine Prevent the spread of infection via USB devices
  • SUMo Monitor 3rd party applications for updates
  • Sun Vox Modular music creation studio

Portable Aps

Note: for resources tailored to dealing with malware/spyware/adware, I’d refer you to this post.

If you have recommendations of your own or requests regarding other sorts of apps, please share them in the comments!


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