Strategic Planning for Your Library

While your friendly Field Services librarians aren’t out visiting you or doing cool things like preparing book clubs and technology kits, we’re busy planning a day-long colloquium on, well, planning. During it, we’ll cover a panoply of important topics, like writing your mission statement, assessing your community, surveying your users, making sense of the data you’ve gathered, writing your goals and objectives, and what to do once you have a plan.

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Strategy for the masses!

We encourage all library directors and library board members to attend this excellent and eminently practical event!

The Colloquium will run from 10am-4pm and it will be held in six locations during the month of August:

August 5              Bismarck Public Library
August 7              Dickinson Public Library
August 8              Minot Public Library
August 13            Grand Forks Public Library
August 14            Leach Public Library (Wahpeton)
August 16            Alfred Dickey Public Library (Jamestown)

There is no cost to attend, but you must register. Choose the date and location that works best for you:

Here are a couple helpful resources we prepared to whet your whistle with:

A Community Assessment Tool for North Dakota libraries.

A Strategic Planning Template to help you with the writing process.


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