Building Your Base

building your baseDo you want to reach more people in your community to tell them about the services your library offers? Do you want to find new ideas for what else your library could offer to your community? Building Your Base, created by the Mid-Hudson Library System, is “a focused marketing effort on a specific group of people.” It will aid your library in reaching out to groups in your community who aren’t using the library and help turn them into library users and supporters!

The program is comprised of four easy steps:

  • Choose
  • Explore
  • Contact
  • Partner

The site walks you through how to complete each step. However, the site can’t identify what groups are active in your community (though it does provide some ideas). If you don’t know either, you may want to do a community assessment to help you identify key demographics in your community. Visit the Field Services webpage to access our Community Vision and Assessment tool under “Strategic Planning.”

Targeted marketing will help demonstrate the value to the library to specific groups and make a personal connection with the participants. In many cases, you will only need to promote what you are already doing, simply tailoring it to a particular group. Other times, you may work together to develop new programs and build even stronger partnerships!

Has your library successfully partnered with a community group? Share your success stories in the comments!


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