Liveblogging our Summer Reading Kickoff Event

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Today I’m going to liveblog our Summer Reading Kickoff Event. Stay tuned for photos and blurbs about the day’s exciting activities as they unfold!

Update circa 8:30 a.m.:

Four State Library Staff fill balloons with helium in the ILL DepartmentOne of the first orders of business: filling balloons with helium!

Update Circa 11:00 a.m.:

P1000578The weather could be better for the event, but at least it’s not presently pouring.

P1000579Dedicated firefighters explain safety and rescue measures to youths and their parents.

The big red dog is on the sceneClifford shows up for work…

P1000566…and gets mobbed!

The man with the yellow hat and his curious simian friendThe man in the yellow hat is consoled by his little monkey.

Update Circa 12:02 p.m.:

P1000550Nice hat!

P1000574The pottery wheel in action!

P1000577Backup supply of balloon animals…

P1000559The Cat in the Hat gets swarmed.

Update Circa 1:00 p.m.:

secstateSecretary of State Al Jaeger reads to a fine gathering of kids.

ltgovStory Time with Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley.

characterLineUpA rogues gallery of storybook characters.

Update Circa 3:15 p.m. (final post!):

P1000571 Shovel Craft!

P1000572A big crowd at the sign up table.

P1000583Burleigh County and Morton-Mandan Bookmobiles.

P1000558Children diligently reassemble a dinosaur at the Heritage Center.

P1000560The much beloved Cat in the Hat.

Happy reading everyone!


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