Supporting Technology Learning in Small Spaces with Small Budgets: Upcoming Free Webinar

TechSoup for Libraries, in collaboration with WebJunction, the Association for Rural and Small Libraries, and the Library Edge Initiative will be presenting the free webinar, “Supporting Technology Learning in Small Spaces with Small Budgets” at 1 PM (CDT), Wednesday, June 12.


In our small, rural communities, libraries are most often the only source of free computer and Internet access. Along with providing access to technology typically comes the expectation that library staff will provide training to help patrons utilize these resources. In small, rural libraries, often staffed by a single person, we’re stretched to the limit at times (or at all times!), between maintaining a collection, maintaining a building, assisting patrons, conducting storytime, and maintaining technology on top of it all. Providing training for patrons unfamiliar with using computers can be the cherry on top of an already too-full plate.

This webinar will focus on strategies for providing computer and Internet training in libraries with limited staff, resources, and space. Whether training is one-to-one as needed, or a more formal, organized session, this webinar will provide tips and suggestions from real librarians in real small libraries, and will help give you the tools and confidence to become a superstar trainer at your library.

To register for this free, one-hour webinar, click here.


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