After School Programming at Your Library

Afterschool AllianceAccording to a report compiled by The Afterschool Alliance, nearly 40% of kids (over 40,000) in North Dakota care for themselves after school. Only 9% (just under 9,000) of these kids participate in an after school program. After school programming has a variety of benefits, including improving academic performance, school attendance, behavior, and health.

Is there a need for after school programming in your community? Improving academic performance ties in nicely with the goals of the library. How could your library help fill the gap in after school programming?

The Afterschool Alliance wants all children to have access to quality after school programs, and they have a number of resources to help you start planning an after school program. The Afterschool Toolbox helps you with the following:

If you’re not sure if there’s a need for after school programming in your community, a Community Assessment can help you determine that. Visit the Field Services page to download a guide under “Strategic Planning.”

Does your library offer after school programming? Share your stories in the comments!


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