Explore Outer Space at Your Library

ExploreThe Lunar and Planetary Institute “is a research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community.” The Education and Public Outreach  department of the Institute develops “programs that engage families, educators and students in space science and enhance the public appreciation of lunar and planetary science.”

One of the programs designed to be used with students specifically in a library is Explore! It’s also a great opportunity to form partnerships with science based groups in your community. There are several Explore! modules:

Each module has activities, background, and resources. The activities are hands-on, and many are creations that can be taken home. The topics are designed to be flexible and vary in length so they can be integrated into your existing programming, such as summer reading or after school. Best of all, the activities are “easy to do, use readily available materials, and require little preparation time.”

Lunar and Planetary InstituteThe Lunar and Planetary Institute came to Bismarck in 2011 to promote the Marvel Moon module. If you’d like to check out the Marvel Moon guide, it is available from the North Dakota State Library.

Did you attend the Marvel Moon session in Bismarck? Have you integrated these modules in your library? Share your stories in the comments!


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