SciGirls Connect

SciGirlsSciGirls is a transmedia enterprise working towards the goal of inspiring, enabling, and maximizing STEM learning and participation for all girls, encouraging greater interest in STEM careers, where women are underrepresented.

While SciGirls is aimed at encouraging girls toward STEM careers, boys are not excluded. SciGirls is committed “to providing quality, gender-equitable, inquiry-based STEM activities that are fun for all!” SciGirl strategies have been “proven to work with all learners, including underrepresented youth.”

If you are looking for STEM activities to use in your library, the SciGirls Connect website includes activities in the following categories: Earth & Space, Engineering, Health, Environmental & Life, Physical Science, and Technology. The activities are geared towards 8-13 year olds – the age when girls tend to lose interest in math and science, or lose confidence in their own abilities. SciGirls helps you gets started with a guide that includes tips for using the SciGirls program.

Have you incorporated STEM activities in your library? Share your stories in the comments!


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