Marvel Moon Webinars

moonIn June, we posted about the Explore! program. If you’d like to learn more about the hands-on activities for the Marvel Moon module, register to attend  the free NASA webinars the The Lunar and Planetary Institute is offering on July 31 and August 16. These are free webinars, but space is limited, so you must apply for a spot.

Register to attend “Bring the Moon’s ‘Life Story’ to Children Ages 8-13” on July 31 from 2-4pm Central. This session focuses on activities related to the story of the Moon’s birth and turbulent lifetime of bombardments and volcanism that continues to intrigue scientists. You will discover NASA’s latest research into the ongoing saga that has shaped our Moon.

Register to attend “Celebrate Our Personal, Cultural, and Scientific Connections to the Moon” on August 16 from 2-4pm Central. This session, also designed for those who work with 8-13 year olds, focuses on activities about how the Moon has inspired cultural traditions, poets, songwriters, and romantics through the ages. Ancient and contemporary astronomers made scientific breakthroughs by studying its motions and changing appearance. From poetry and moonlit nights to tides, celebrate the Moon’s connection to us here on Earth!

Explore: Marvel Moon uses food, art, storytelling, and interactive investigations to celebrate our Moon! Activities rely on inexpensive materials and can be flexibly implemented. As children complete each activity, they collect pages to assemble into their own comic books.

If you are unable to attend the webinars, you can still access all the materials and resources to implement these programs in your library.

Have you tried Marvel Moon or other Explore! programming in your library? Share your stories in the comments!

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