“It Came From a Book” Art Contest for Teens

It Came From a Book
Do you have artistic teen patrons? Teens at your library can enter the 2nd annual “It Came From a Book” Teen Art Contest, sponsored by The Library as Incubator Project, Teen Librarian Toolbox, EgmontUSA, and Zest Books.

Entering is easy: Read any book and create a piece of art inspired by the story. All types of artwork are eligible, simply email a photo or scan of your piece. For all the details, be sure to read the full submission guidelines. You could win a $50 Amazon gift card, books from EgmontUSA and Zest books, and swag from The Library as Incubator project. The deadline to enter is midnight on November 1, 2013. Print their poster for easy promotion in your library and community!

colored pencils

This would be a very easy program to run in your own library as well – either in conjunction with this contest or separately. You already have plenty of inspiring books! You’d only need to supply display space, a judge, and a prize. Displaying art work in the library would be a great way to bring in community members who might not otherwise visit the library, and you could increase circulation by creating displays of the books that inspired the art, along with your non-fiction art books. You could partner with local artists or the school’s art teacher to judge the entries.

Have you had an art show at your library? How did it go? Share your stories in the comments!

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