How is Technology Used in Today’s Classroom?

How Teachers are Using Technology at Home and in Their Classrooms is a PEW Research Center survey of American middle and high school teachers. 95% of the teachers who participated in the survey teach in public schools.

The survey finds that digital devices are becoming essential in the learning process. 73% of the teachers say that they let students use smart phones in the classroom for assignments. However, these new technologies have also created new challenges for teachers, both in how they are used and who gets to use them.

The digital divide deprives many students and teachers of basic digital access to educational resources. There is disparity in access between lower and higher income students and school districts. There is also disparity in access from school versus access from home.


There are generational differences in how teachers experience digital technologies. It is not surprising that teachers under age 35 are more confident with using these devices than teachers age 55 and older.

Teachers expressed concern that students are losing basic research skills because of an overreliance on search engines.  Students “equate research with Googling” and are less likely to use traditional resources. Few students browse the library stacks for research projects. Only 12% of teachers say their students will use printed books in a research assignment. View the survey for many more teacher insights on how technology fits into today’s classroom.

“My favorite librarian is one who gave me a conspiratorial wink when she caught me sneaking out of the children’s room and into the adult stacks at the grand age of eight.” — Dave Donelson, Author


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