Select Strategic Planning Resources for Libraries

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5Here’s a gathering of odds and ends recommended in our Strategic Planning seminar that any library can readily make use of…

Conducting a Community Assessment (all required resources linked in one easy-to-use form).

Doing a Quick and Easy Space Needs Assessment (some math required; remember to multiply by 10.764 to convert to square feet once you’re done!)

Sample Library Surveys (good, bad, and ugly examples to clone, consider, or improve upon before doing ).

Confidence Calculator (does all the math for you to determine the confidence interval at a set confidence level for survey results).

Finally, some Alternatives to Library Jargon that you can make use of when writing reports, conducting social research, or otherwise communicating with extra-library entities (including all users and stakeholders).

We will be pooling together these resources and many more on a new Strategic Planning page of the ND State Library’s website as soon as we’re back from our seminar tour. If you haven’t already registered for one of our locations, it’s not too late–we still have three stops left!


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