Critical Thinking Gives You Power

Thinking critically gives you more control in the age of spin. It results in more power over advertisers, politicians, biased arguments, the unscrupulous, and all the information that bombards us from multiple sources. Students will recognize that critical thinking gives them the tools to evaluate all this input and not be controlled by it.


False ideas and media hype have a creep factor. When something gets repeated or passed on, or retweeted, whether true or not, it eventually begins to look like truth. This is the core reason why political ads or urban myths have sway over so many of us.

In this era of spin, educators have the obligation to teach students critical thinking skills. If students know where to find reliable information and how to evaluate information, they can make decisions based on fact. Critical thinking skills will give students power.

Adapted from a piece by G. Randy Kasten that originally appeared at Edutopia / George Lucas Educational Foundation

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” —Bertrand Russell


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