North Dakota Oil Spill Report Repository

oilfieldIncidentsHere’s one for those library workers with reference responsibilities: the North Dakota Department of Health’s Environmental Health Section and the Department of Mineral Resrouces’ Oil and Gas Division recently unveiled a new website to assist with research on oil spills within North Dakota and on the environmental impact of these and related incidents.

The site features three tables detailing environmental incidents directly related to oilfields. The tables provide an overview of the incidents as well as links directly to the incident reports. Data related to oilfield incidents are divided into three categories: those from within the last 12 months which were contained within the boundaries of the production/exploration facility (1,461 reports), incidents within the last 12 months that overflowed the boundaries of the facility or leaked from a pipeline (426 reports), and oilfield environmental incidents older than 12 months (8,428 reports since 2005).

The site contains also features tables detailing general environmental incidents. One for those which occurred within the last 12 months (277 reports) and another compiling details of older incidents. The older table currently includes 1,740 incident reports going back to 1975, though the vast majority of those are from within the past 10 years (1,137 incidents since December 6, 2003).

The site is available here and it includes all the aforementioned tables as well as additional information. It will be updated routinely.

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