Big Talk for Small Libraries

Often when we see the term “small libraries” attached to a conference, reference book, website, or what have you, the author, organizer, or presenter’s definition of “small” really misses the target of what we consider small here in North Dakota. Truly small libraries, the kind that serve a few thousand people, or even a few hundred, have unique needs and face a set of challenges all their own. If you’re looking for new ideas, best practices, and strategies for addressing these needs and tackling these challenges, check out the Big Talk for Small Libraries online conference. Hosted by the Nebraska Library Commission and co-sponsored by the Association for Rural & Small Libraries, this free one-day online conference focuses exclusively on small libraries. The speakers are all employees of small libraries or people who work with them, and they speak directly from their experience with the joys and struggles of life in small town libraries.

Stanton Public Library in Stanton, ND, population 366.

Stanton Public Library in Stanton, ND, population 366.

The conference runs from 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM (Central) on February 28. You can tune in for the whole day, or pick and choose which presentations you’d like to attend. Organizers are still working on finalizing the program, but here are a few of the sessions in the lineup thus far:

  • How to Make Money on the Internet for Your Library
  • How to Start a Great Teen Advisory Board
  • Resourceful Library Programming

I viewed the archives of many of the presentations from last year’s Big Talk for Small Libraries, and found that this online conference really does speak to the needs and issues of small libraries as advertised. Registration is open now, and more info is available on the Big Talk for Small Libraries blog. This is a great opportunity to gain some knowledge and new ideas – at no cost and without leaving your desk. I’ll be “at” the conference – hope to see you there!


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