Database Trial for ND, SD, and MN



If you’re a librarian or school teacher from one of the three ‘otas (North Dakota, South Dakota, or Minnesota), I strongly encourage you to take the time to explore the following database trials and provide your feedback.

This is your opportunity to participate in the selection process of the databases that will be available throughout the tri-state region for the next 3-5 years (beginning July 1, 2014). How do you participate? Simply by evaluating the databases and submitting your impressions. Be they good, bad, or meh, the Minitex Electronic Information Resources Task Force wants to know. Feedback must be submitted by April 2nd. 

Here’s the formal announcement:

Trials Available for Proposed Statewide Electronic Resources!

Attention libraries and schools in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota!

The electronic resources listed here were submitted in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the University of Minnesota on behalf of Minitex for licensing statewide access to eresources for Minnesota (i.e., ELM), North Dakota, and South Dakota. Although trial access to these eresources will be available through at least April 10, 2014, the Minitex Electronic Information Resources (MEIR) Task Force needs your feedback no later than April 2.

Information about trial access, names of products, and links to vendor/product information are available. A link to our feedback form can be found at the bottom of each vendor section.

School media centers and libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota may open this trial access to users.

As per the guidelines of the RFP, Minitex staff and/or MEIR Task Force members cannot answer questions or discuss products/vendors under consideration. While vendors may have submitted eresource “packages” for consideration, please be aware that contracts may be awarded for individual products or for complete packages as offered.

Your feedback is important, so please complete an evaluation form for each of the eresources you examine during the trial period. The MEIR Task Force will consider your feedback during the evaluation process on April 7-9, 2014.

Your participation will impact the selection of statewide eresources.

Thank you for contribution to this important process!


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