World Book Night

world book nightWorld Book Night is April 23. First celebrated in 2011, on this day, book lovers go out and share the love of books with non-readers, focusing on adults, by giving away free copies of books. Each year, 25,000 givers are chosen to give away copies of books specially printed World Book Night.

The 2014 books include a variety of books that will appeal to people who might not otherwise pick up a book and read as a leisure activity. Many of your regular patrons will already be familiar with these titles and authors. Even if you are not giving away free copies, you can still use this as an opportunity to reach out to people in your community who aren’t regular library patrons.

While much is written about loving libraries, Sarah Houghton points out at Librarian in Black that what we should be focused on “is how much we in libraries love our communities.” To get started thinking about reaching out to your community, check out Tools for Community Engagement and Innovation from ALA‘s Transforming Libraries.

Where  in your community can you find people who don’t use the library? What are some ways you can reach out to them? Share your ideas in the comments!

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