Choose Privacy Week 2014 (May 1-7)


The American Library Association’s annual Choose Privacy Week is just a month off, but it’s not too late to plan a privacy program at your library!

Patron privacy and intellectual freedom are cornerstones of the profession, enshrined in our professional Code of Ethics. Within the past year, the subject has garnered a massive amount of public interest and attention, thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden. If you’ve never celebrated Privacy Week at your library in the past, this would be an excellent year to start!

Online privacy is a massive, important, and complex topic, but fortunately ALA has you covered with some great programming ideas you can easily adapt for use in your library. Note that if you’re planning on ordering promotional materials from ALA, you must do so by April 10th to ensure you’ll receive them in time.

If you’re simply interested in learning more, you can check out the Choose Privacy Week website or their Twitter stream.

Here’s a brilliant and topical TEDx Talk from Cory Doctorow to whet your appetite (joke note: a quango is a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization, seldom founded by cats):


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