Communicating with Video

ImageThinking of a library renovation or in the middle of one? Making a video presentation is a great way to keep your stakeholders and the community informed. It can reach those people that are more visual in their learning styles. You can outline your reasoning for the changes, the timeline, and your vision for the finished product. Santa Fe Springs Library, Martin Luther King Jr. Library, and the Oswego Public Library have all posted examples but there are many more if you search for “library renovation” on YouTube.

Even if you are not familiar or comfortable with making videos, there are a lot of options available to get one made that won’t cost money. Consider partnering with a local school and have students make one as part of their class or make it into a contest. If you don’t have access to a video camera, see if there is someone in town that would be willing to lend one and/or their talents and skills. There are several free video editing software choices like Windows Movie Maker, Kate’s Video Toolkit, Avidemux and many more. You may find that videos are a good option for communicating with the public and could make them for other events/happenings in your library.


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