Digital Public Library of America Anniversary


April 18th marked the 1st anniversary of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). DPLA is a digital library initiative that brings together and makes millions of digitized items from America’s libraries, museums, and archives freely available from one interface. Even if you have already visited the site, there have been many additions over this first year:

  • 6 major new partners have recently been added including the Montana Memory Project
  • NYPL expanded DPLA’s access to their digital collections increasing the DPLA offerings by almost 20%
  • Tripled the size of their collection
  • Pulled in materials from an additional 500 organizations
  • Added third party apps for more discovery opportunities
  • launched a book browsing interface

This is a great resource for education. It has books, journals, serials, photographs, posters, 3-D objects and much more. From the homepage, you can explore exhibitions as well as exploring by place and by date. You can view a map to see what areas have included content as well as seeing the amount of items available by date. There are not a lot of items available yet for North Dakota on DPLA but there is a large amount of North Dakota content currently on Digital Horizons.


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