Virtual Library Legislative Day

NationalLibraryLegWeekDuring one week of the spring of each year, library advocates gather in Washington D.C. to meet with legislators and legislative staff members. ALA’s National Library Legislative Day, held this year on May 5-6, is an opportunity for library leaders to discuss the issues and legislation pertinent to libraries and to advocate for library funding at the federal level.

For those who are not able to make the trip to D.C. for face to face meetings, tomorrow, May 6, is designated as Virtual Library Legislative Day, a day for library advocates across the country to call or email their elected officials to communicate the importance of their support for library-related issues and legislation. ALA has made it easy to participate – just enter your zip code at to find the contact information for your elected officials. ALA has also done the work of summarizing the issues and setting out talking points to use when contacting your senators and congressmen.

Virtual Library Legislative Day is a great opportunity to take a few minutes out of your day to make your voice heard in Washington and to tell your legislative delegation how critical their support for libraries at the federal level is for the continued vitality and growth of libraries at the local level.


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