You May Be Working in the Best Small Library in America…

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…but the world will only know it if you share its story!

Library Journal is once again soliciting nominations for the Best Small Library in America. For more than a decade now, they’ve been profiling one library each year that is a living showcase of the innovation and passion with which small town libraries serve the needs of their communities.

In order to qualify, a library must have a service population of 25,000 or less and be extraordinary. These are the key factors by which nominations shall be judged:

  • Creativity in developing services and programs that can be replicated by other libraries, including outreach to special populations
  • Innovation in introducing and supporting public access to computers and the Internet
  • Success in educating patrons in computer use, and measuring the results of technology usage
  • Use of technology to expand the reach of library services
  • Demonstrated community support
  • Sustained cooperation with other libraries
  • Partnerships with other agencies and businesses
  • Increase in library use, particularly by new users
  • Evidence of library’s role as community center

I know there are plenty of libraries in North Dakota doing all of these things with aplomb and I very much hope they apply!

Nominations must be postmarked by September 10, 2014. Click the following to read the full Nomination Guidelines. The winning library will receive $20,000 and two finalist libraries will receive $10,000 each. Here are the most recent winners: 


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