Apps in the Library

Many kids these days are more likely to be found playing games on a tablet or phone than reading a book, but there are ways to encourage literacy through electronics. Check out these free apps for ideas:

1000 books app1000 Books Before Kindergarten is an organization designed “to promote reading to newborns, infants, and toddlers” and “to encourage parent and child bonding through reading.” Whether you’re reading in print or online, use the free app to track your progress to 1000 books!

bedtimemath appBedtime Math’s mission is “to help kids learn to love math so they can become capable adults.” If you already read a bedtime story to your kids, why not encourage their numerical literacy as well by adding a bedtime math question? Use the free app to access math questions for children of various ages.

For teens, use yalsa appYALSA’s Teen Book Finder to access  YALSA’s award winning books and lists for the last three years. There is also an App of the Week feature on the YALSA blog. Check out the archive for more app ideas that might be useful for the teens in your library.

For more ideas, check out Emily Lloyd’s presentation entitled “iPads and Early Literacy: 50 Fantastic Free Apps for Pre-Readers.” All apps were free as of January.

If you weren’t able to attend the Spring Workshops here in Bismarck, be sure to check out the list of apps Charity Nix highlighted in her presentation “iPads in Education.”

How do you use apps in your library? What’s your favorite library/reading app? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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