The Learning Environment

Recently, I’ve noticed the term “learning environment” popping up in much of the educational literature. The term implies much more than the physical layout of the classroom. A learning environment should be welcoming, social, secure, encouraging, and fun. Included are educational, behavioral, cultural, societal, emotional, and technological components. The learning environment (or learning space or learning ecosystem) is student-centered and teacher-mentored. It acknowledges the diversity of student skills, talents, and creativity.

LearnEnvironNationally, teachers are being held accountable for student achievement. In addition to course content, the learning environment is another avenue for teachers to improve student success. Teachers are introducing new educational resources, including smart devices, into the learning environment. This is having a profound impact on learning. Within the confines of standardization, teachers can creatively tweak the learning environment and present powerful opportunities for students to learn and succeed.

“Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” –Jacques Barzun




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