Camp Wonderopolis

camp wonderopolisAre you having fun with all the science experiments you’re doing as part of your summer reading program? Are your kids begging for more? Have them check out Camp Wonderopolis! Camp Wonderopolis is an initiative of the National Center for Families Learning, and it is a free online science program for kids. All you need to sign up is an email address!

Camp Wonderopolis officially runs until July 27, but it is self-paced, so you can sign up to participate at any time. After July 27, you can access all the camping materials at Though all ages are welcome to participate in Camp Wonderopolis, it is specifically geared toward kids in grades 2-8, with each activity taking about 15 minutes to complete. If you have other questions, visit the FAQs.

There are six different themed areas of exploration:

  • Amusement Park
  • Observatory
  • Laboratory
  • Dig Site
  • Woods
  • Zoo

There’s also the Wonder Wall, where Campers can post about their projects.

Also be sure to check out the main Wonderopolis site throughout the rest of the year. For inspiration, they have a widget you can install on your site to get a “Wonder of the Day” and remind families to explore together. They also offer educator resources for teachers and librarians.

Has your science-filled summer reading program encouraged families to do more exploring and experimenting together? Do you have programming geared towards families? Share your stories in the comments!


One response to “Camp Wonderopolis

  1. I love Wonderopolis. I’m working on a post on the main site now. Thanks for sharing.

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