NDSU Extension Service website

Since I am new to the Library Development Department and this is my first blog post for Field Notes, I thought I would start off with a short introduction of myself. My name is BreAnne Meier and I have been employed at the North Dakota State Library for five years. Most of that time has been spent in the State Documents Department, where I looked for, requested, and cataloged documents published by the different state agencies in North Dakota.

One of those state agencies is the NDSU Extension Service. Their website (http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications) has a lot of great ideas for people who are interested in a range of topics, such as gardening; food and nutrition; house and home; and health and fitness. Most of the publications are available free of charge in .pdf format and may be of use to you and/or your patrons who may have questions or would like ideas on healthy recipes, advice on what to do with their fruits and vegetables, information on the types of pests and diseases to look out for that may do damage to their trees and plants, and guides on how to keep food safe.


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