North Dakota Health Department

Sticking with the theme of state agencies that provide documents that could be helpful to librarians and patrons, this week I am going to highlight the North Dakota Health Department.

This website includes publications on an array of different health-related topics, including:

  • How to remove head lice
  • How to care for newborns and toddlers
  • How to keep kids safe and prevent injuries
  • How to take care of teeth
  • Tips on how to help prevent chronic diseases (including heart disease and stroke)
  • Disease fact sheets
  • Smoking and tobacco fact sheets

There are also publications regarding environmental health, such as policies and reports on air quality, drinking water, and what to do with hazardous waste and solid waste. Since most of the documents and reports are published in North Dakota, they include a lot of information that is pertinent to North Dakota laws and regulations.

These documents are all available on their website in .pdf formats. Some of them are also available on paper through the Health Department or via Interlibrary Loan at the North Dakota State Library.


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