North Dakota Digital Collections

There are a growing number of digital libraries and archives available for North Dakota materials. These digital materials include images, documents, objects, books and much more. You have instant access to primary resources and many times the text items are keyword searchable. Take some time to check out each collection.

1.Southwestern North Dakota Digital ArchiveSWdigital

This is the most recent addition to North Dakota digital collections. This collection centers on the history of southwestern North Dakota and currently has over 8000 images available.

2.Theodore Roosevelt Center Digital LibraryTRDigital

This collection brings Theodore Roosevelt related documentation together in one digital library. You can also volunteer to help catalog the items.

3.Digital Horizons


Digital Horizons is the result of the cooperation of 5 institutions in North Dakota and Minnesota. It includes items related to life on the northern plains held by the partner institutions.

4.Chester Fritz Library Digital CollectionsUNDDigital

The digital collections cover different subject areas like pottery and political cartoons and are digital surrogates of items in the Chester Fritz collection.

5.Gordon B. Olson Library Digital Special Collections


The digital special collections include items and documentation relating mainly to the history of Ward County.


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