Using Facebook to Connect with Teenagers: Online Book Clubs

The address bar is the first place to look for secure browsing.

With all their extracurricular activities, jobs, and homework, it can be hard to convince teenagers to participate in the programs available to them at the library. One way to get teenagers involved is by implementing a book club via Facebook. You, as the librarian, will probably have to facilitate the first couple times just to get everyone familiar with how the group works. But after that, there can be a new facilitator each month who picks a book for the group to read and leads the discussion.

A big advantage to having an online book club is that the members of the group can discuss the book whenever they have time, whether it is at 6:00pm or 3:00am.

Also, there are libraries in the state, including the North Dakota State Library, that are willing to check out book club kits (which include 10 books and a sheet of discussion questions) to other libraries and patrons.

Have you ever done an online book club? Do you have any advice or information to offer? What did you find that worked and what didn’t work?

Source: Smallwood, C. (2012). How to thrive as a solo librarian. Lanham: Scarecrow Press, Inc..


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