State Library Partners with Zoobean

Zoobean-LogoHave you been looking for ways to connect with library patrons who have young children? Have you been looking for ways to reach parents of young children who are not already library users? Beanstack may be the perfect solution for your library!

Beanstack is a service provided by Zoobean that recommends books to parents for children specifically from birth to 8 years old. Parents sign up for an account using an email address (no library card required) and then set up a profile for each of their children, indicating each child’s age, interests, and reading level. Beanstack then emails the parent with a personalized book recommendation for each child on a weekly basis. Each recommendation can be linked to your catalog if you own the book. While Beanstack has compiled a list of recommended books, you and your staff can add books to the list as well, if you do not own the titles Beanstack recommends, or if you simply want to supplement their recommendations. There are also themed learning guides which provide suggested activities, discussion starters, and multimedia resources. Themed learning guides are accessed with a library card number, thus drawing in parents who don’t yet have a library card.

While there is no cost to parents to use this service, the library purchases accounts on their behalf at $1 per account annually, in groups of 500 accounts. More accounts can be added at any time. In partnership with the State Library, Zoobean has offered to waive the set up fee for North Dakota libraries that sign up for Beanstack by October 30.

Zoobean was founded by Jordan Lloyd Bookey, Google’s former Head of K-12 Education, and Felix Brandon Lloyd, Washington D.C.’s Teacher of the Year for 2000-2001, when they became parents themselves. For more information on working with Zoobean, please contact Felix at


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