Library Bike Rides

This summer, blue-stamp-logo-with-tail-105I rode my bike to work. I only live two miles from the State Library, so it is not a challenging commute. It was definitely a great way to spend a little more time outside while the weather was warm.

Recently, I learned about Cycling for Libraries, “an international cycling conference for librarians and library lovers,” which “aims to advocate libraries and increase awareness of the valuable services and resources that libraries offer to the community.” This year, the main tour took place in France, but there were also local tours in Texas and Tennessee, in partnership with the library associations in each state.

With Bike the Border and CANDISC, North Dakota is no stranger to long bike rides, but these lengthy rides are not for everyone. However, you may be able to implement a shorter bike ride in your community while still raising awareness about the library, and raise some money for the library as well, if you organize a fundraising bike ride!

The International Bicycle Fund has an outline of what you’ll need to do to organize a fundraising bike ride. The Alliance for Biking and Walking has a much more in-depth guide to help prepare you and assist you with every step of the process. Bike riding season is drawing to a close in North Dakota, leaving you plenty of time to prepare for next year!

How do you think this work in your community? Do other organizations in town have biking fundraisers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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