Global Cardboard Challenge

cardboard boxDo you want to encourage and celebrate creativity amongst the kids in your community? Then take part in this year’s Global Cardboard Challenge! The Global Cardboard Challenge invites kids of all ages to “build anything they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination.”

The Global Cardboard Challenge is hosted annually by the Imagination Foundation, an organization with the goal to “find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in children around the world to raise a new generation of innovators and problem solvers who have the tools they need to build the world they imagine.” Sounds a lot like what libraries hope to do for kids in their communities, right?

The official date of the Cardboard Challenge this year is Saturday, October 11. If you’d like more information on hosting an event, you can register as an event organizer to receive updates. Since it focuses on creativity, this is a pretty flexible event to host. If you’d like to get a better idea of how it might look, check out the photos from events held in 2013. Since the focus is on kids, you may want to include some kids in the planning process!

If you want to extend the celebration of creativity throughout the year, check out the Imagination Chapters. If you’ve been wanting to try a makerspace in your library, this would be a great way to start and encourage community involvement at the same time!

Have you participated in the Cardboard Challenge in the past? Do you plan to participate this year? Share your stories in the comments!

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