DPLA apps


I recently noticed that some new apps have been added to the DPLA site. This reminded me of a DPLA app that I had been meaning to try out that works with Wikipedia. I found not one but two apps available that pull relevant DPLA content into your Wikipedia searches.

FindDPLA pulls content that is directly related to your search and seems to be compatible with Windows Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.  FindDPLA is easy to setup. You just have to follow the directions by clicking through. They are working on a fix for the step where you have to click the shield in your URL box in order to run the script successfully. It doesn’t appear that you need to perform that step in Explorer. You will see the results of your DPLA connection at the top of your Wikipedia page as seen below.findDPLAim

WikipeDPLA is a Google Chrome extension that pulls up similar topics to the one that you searched on in the form of links to DPLA. You just follow the links on the app library and may have to sign into you Google account for the extension. The results of the DPLA connections using this app are seen below:

st valen

You can read more about these two apps in the DPLA App Library. There are a number of other apps available as well including one that tweets out images of historical cats—Who doesn’t need an app that sends out historical cat images?


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