“Matt Kenseth’s Race Against Bullying”

bullyingThis is definitely a “What do you Geek?” moment for me. I geek NASCAR so, when I found out that one of the current NASCAR drivers is producing a series of children’s books, I was really excited.

On August 26, Matt Kenseth, 2003 Sprint Cup Series Champion and currently the driver of the Joe Gibbs Racing’s #20 Dollar General Toyota, and his wife debuted their first children’s book, “Matt Kenseth’s Race Against Bullying,” written by Gina Gold and illustrated by Adam Devaney.

This first book, in a series of four, is about nine-year-old Matt who has trouble with a bully at his school. With the help of his parents and friends, he discovers ways to deal with bullies successfully, without becoming a bully himself. The book is aimed at children ages 4-8.

Each of the four books will be aimed at helping kids “be more self-confident and make good choices” and will deal with issues that children, unfortunately, have to go through on a daily basis.

This book is available exclusively at General Dollar stores.


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