NASA Wavelength

astronautAre you looking for more ideas for incorporating STEM programming at your library? Check out the resources on the NASA Wavelength site. NASA Wavelength is a collection of regularly updated, peer-reviewed educational resources for use in or out of school with students ages pre-K through college.

You can browse the resources by age of the audience or by topic, and you can refine your searches by type of resource or instructional strategy. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out the sample list of engineering activities for K-5. The nice part about this collection of resources is that it’s not just activity ideas – the science behind the fun is included as well.

Each resource provides an overview of the activity, quickly addressing the important questions in library programming: how long will it take and how much will it cost? The learning times and material costs are hyperlinked, so you can click on them to find other activities of a similar length or expense (though when no cost is listed, there is nothing on which to click).

Scroll down the main page to the NASA Multimedia section for apps, science casts, eclips, and images of the day.

We’ve heard from libraries all over the state that science themed summer reading program was lots of fun for kids and librarians alike. What STEM programming ideas have you continued into the fall at your library?


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