Haunted Libraries

I know we are all getting ready for winter and the holidays that are coming up but I recently read an article on the 10 Most Haunted Libraries in America (http://www.buzzfeed.com/harpercollins/the-10-most-haunted-libraries-in-america-9npd) and found it quite interesting, even if it isn’t Halloween anymore.

One of the haunted libraries is the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana. There have been so many sightings at this library that they have installed 3 “GhostCams” for people to watch online and capture any images that look like they have some sort of paranormal activity going on.  If you are interested, this is the link to the cameras: (http://www.willardghost.com/index.php?content=ghostcams).  They have a webpage devoted to the top pictures that have been captured.

The list also includes the Parmly Billings Library in Billings, Montana, where people have seen a woman in the basement and a man on the second floor.  They have also heard whistling on the second floor.

Does your library have any paranormal activities happening?  Please share your experiences in the comments.


One response to “Haunted Libraries

  1. In Spooky Creepy North Dakota by Lori L. Orser, she says that the North Dakota State Library is haunted. Do you believe this to be true? She even states that some library employees have told her that it is haunted and they do feel like they are being watched. She also says that there were some old artifact’s stored in the basement (which is plausible) but she states that’s where all the State Library hauntings started. What is your take on this haunting in the library?

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