What I did on my vacation: Visiting Libraries in other countries

About a month ago, I was able to visit a couple libraries in England.  I was struck by how similar these two libraries are to the ones in North Dakota.

The first one I saw was at Stow-on-the-Wold.  The library is located on the ground floor of St. Edward’s Hall in the Town Square.


The following are a few pictures that I took of the inside:

232323232fp83232_ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu82_4_nu=9265_867_23__WSNRCG=3667__4;8232;nu0mrj                                                   232323232fp83232_ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu_;78_nu=9265_867_23__WSNRCG=3667__6_6_32;nu0mrj

The shelves are all pretty easily accessible for people and some of them have wheels so they can be moved.

232323232fp83232_ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu_872_nu=9265_867_23__WSNRCG=3667__6_6432;nu0mrj                                                                            232323232fp83232_ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu9;35_nu=9265_867_23__WSNRCG=3667__6_7632;nu0mrj

This is a self-checkout/return machine for patrons to use:


In each of the libraries, there was always a charge to check out DVDs. This library charges £1.50 per night.


The next library I went to was in Stratford-upon-Avon very close to Shakespeare’s birthplace.  This library was quite busy that day (mostly people using the computers).

232323232fp83232_ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu4;42_nu=9265_867_23__WSNRCG=366799585232;nu0mrj                                                              232323232fp83232_ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu7286_nu=9265_867_23__WSNRCG=36679887_932;nu0mrj

Unfortunately, the library I was really looking forward to seeing was closed the day I was able to go see it (Wednesday) so I was only able to get a picture of the outside.  This library is located in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.



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