Early Childhood Education at Story Time

MP900202031[1]Following up on last week’s post, another potential resource for early childhood education tips you can provide to parents is the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC “is the world’s largest organization working on behalf of young children.”

There is a section of the site specifically for educators of preschool age children. Even if you don’t subscribe to their publication Teaching Young Children, you can access online features from current and past issues. There is a section called Message in a Backpack, which provides PDFs designed specifically to be sent home with children for continued learning during the week with the support of the parents. They cover a wide range of topics that could be integrated into story time themes you already have planned.

There is also a site for families called NAEYC for Families. Learning and Development Topics on this site are grouped into Child Development, Reading & Writing, and Music, Math & More.

Sample topics in the Child Development section include:

Sample topics in the Reading & Writing section include:

Sample topics in the Music, Math & More section include:

If you like to include music in your story times, there is also a page on the site devoted to music resources, including songs and information on learning with music.

There is also a blog, with useful posts such as, Low Cost Learning Materials for Infants and Toddlers. These posts were written by families sharing their “learning moments.”

What kinds of child development or early childhood education tips do you share with parents at story time? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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