Building Squishy Circuits

Robot wearing sunglasses and holding a ping pong paddle

TOPIO, a ping pong-playing robot, cropped from an image by Humanrobo and used under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Squishy Circuits have a little something for everyone–modeling dough, electricity, baking, science, electricity, the playful combination of dough and wire and batteries into cute little puppy dogs with light up noses, and, lest I forget to mention it, electricity.

Squishy circuits are constructed from batches of conductive and insulating dough. This medium provides a fun and accessible way to teach about series and parallel circuits, material properties, the fundamentals of electronics, and the construction of our future robotic overlords.

The concept and curriculum was created at the University of St. Thomas, and you can find all the recipes, instructions, and videos you’ll need to guide you through the process on their site. They also created this excellent classroom guide (PDF).


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