Teen Tech Week 2015

“Libraries are for making…” is the theme of Teen Tech Week this year. Teen Tech Week will officially be held March 8-14, but there’s no reason you can’t adjust the timeline if different dates work better for you. After all, the purpose of Teen Tech Week is to “make the time to showcase all of the great digital resources and services that are available to help teens succeed in school and prepare for college and 21st century careers,” and that can happen at any time!

If you do intend to celebrate in March, now is the time to start planning! You’ll find guidance in the event planning toolkit and publicity toolkit. There are 50 ideas for events and activities, as well as a Making in the Library Toolkit.

Teen Tech Week is sponsored by YALSA, but you don’t have to be a YALSA member to participate. There is a lot of content freely available on the site, but you do need to register for a free account if you want to access all the extra content on the site, such as the downloadable graphics like the one at the top of this post.

Remember, while this is Teen “Tech” Week, “making” doesn’t have to be high-tech. What making resources could you highlight for teens?

What digital resources could you highlight for teens? The State Library offers the following:

Any other ideas? Add your suggestions for additional resources in the comments!


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