Outside the Lines: Libraries Reintroduced

Outside the Lines logoThis September, libraries everywhere will once again celebrate Outside the Lines in their local communities. Last year, 178 libraries across the U.S. and Canada participated. This year, let’s help that number grow through increased participation in North Dakota!

Outside the Lines is a way of demonstrating that libraries are more relevant than ever before. It’s about showing people libraries have changed, instead of simply telling them.

Outside the Lines is a week-long celebration demonstrating the creativity and innovation happening in libraries. It’s about stepping out and engaging the community you serve outside of the building you traditionally serve them in. Whether your organization is large or small, a school library or a public library, you can participate by hosting at least one event or campaign that:

  1. Gets people thinking — and talking — about libraries in a different way
  2. Showcases the library out in the community
  3. Highlights how your library is relevant to people’s lives
  4. Represents your local community
  5. Is active and gets people engaged
  6. Is extraordinary and unexpected
  7. Most importantly, is fun!

Outside the Lines is scheduled for September 13-19, 2015. Registration is not yet live, but you can learn more about the event at their official site or by checking out this Storify of how libraries participated in 2014.

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