Visual Marketing

ND LIB 002

An example of a North Dakota library

This is a guest post by Kristin Byram, the Public Awareness Coordinator at the North Dakota State Library.

I want to highlight the importance of limiting the amount of marketing materials around your library. It is common for people to plaster posters and signs all over the place in hopes of “maximizing your audience” but the truth is the library already has a lot going on visually. Your posters and advertisements have to compete with your books. Here is a test: enter your library and walk around and see where your eye goes. If you can get someone (preferably who doesn’t work at the library) to help with this, that would be great! Take note of what your patrons are seeing when they walk and use that to your advantage.

Along these same lines, it is very important to keep your library clean and open. It gives your eye the ability to naturally flow around the room. If your library is cluttered, or too full, your patrons will be visually overloaded and will be less likely to take in the important information you want them to. One of the best ways to control this is to create a spot in the library that you can put all your marketing materials up on. Keep the area clean and up to date. Make sure to change out the information frequently so patrons don’t continue to see the same thing and ignore it.

Are you interested in learning more about marketing? Kristin will be teaching a session called “Let’s Make a Marketing Plan” at the Spring Workshops next week that will help you do just that! Kristin’s session will be Tuesday morning, April 7. Register to attend if you haven’t already.

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