Smart Money Week @ Your Library

@YourLibrary_2013aaAt the Summer Reading Workshops in February, one of the ideas I shared for a potential program was financial literacy. It makes a great program for any age group!

Since April 18-25 is Money Smart Week, I thought I would highlight a few resources on financial literacy. Money Smart Week is a “public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances” that was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2012. With tax season coming to a close, you probably know first-hand the need for financial literacy skills and personal finance management in your town. It is relevant programming any time of year!

Money Smart Week – They have compiled resources from a variety of sources on the following topics: Credit & Debt, Spending & Saving, Life Stages.

Smart Investing @ Your Library – Smart Investing is a partnership between ALA and the FINRA Foundation. It is a great guide for helping you plan a financial literacy program. It offers many downloadable tools to help you get started, as well as multimedia to help you publicize the program, and additional resources.

Money Matters – The New York Public Library and IMLS developed Money Matters “to better equip local libraries to serve the changing needs of patrons regarding financial literacy.” They have compiled curricula and resources on many financial topics.

PLA – The Public Library Association has compiled a list of financial literacy resources, often from government agencies.

TutorND – We often think of TutorND primarily as a resource for live, online tutoring, but did you know there are also financial literacy resources available 24/7? Choose “Career Resources,” then “Adult Services” under Topic, “Financial Literacy” under Subject, and choose from the following subtopics: Education Planning, Home Ownership, Loans and Credit, Personal Finance, and Retirement Planning.

Khan Academy – This is another resource often thought of primarily for “in school” skills, but, through a partnership with Practical Money Skills for Life, you can learn about topics under the following headings: Financial Basics, Credit & Debt, Taxes, Career & Retirement, Family & Life, and Saving & Investment.

While Smart Investing @ Your Library will guide you through hosting a in-person program, the rest of these resources are online, making it easy to promote them on your website or Facebook page. For other in-person programming options, consider a potential partnership opportunity with a local bank or accountant.

You can also highlight how people can save money using the library. Check out the library savings calculator from Engaged Patrons. It’s a great way to demonstrate the value of the library!

Have you hosted a financial literacy programming at your library? Share your stories in the comments!


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