Self-Directed Programming Round Up

kids[1]At the Summer Reading Workshops in February, I got feedback that many librarians in North Dakota were interested in more passive programming, aka self-directed programming, ideas. I started a Pinterest board to feature self-directed ideas, and I will try to regularly round up and highlight ideas you can use in your library that will hopefully be both easy for you and fun for you patrons.

Each of these links include multiple ideas:

Some of these ideas will work better for some libraries than others, but hopefully everyone can at least get good ideas for brainstorming what might appeal to your community. If you try any of them, use the comments to let us know what worked or how you tweaked it to make it work better for you!

What successful self-directed programs have you run at your library? Share your suggestions in the comments!


One response to “Self-Directed Programming Round Up

  1. At my former library, we had “Family Craft Day”. We would order craft kits from Oriental Trading and leave them out for families to work on together. This was pretty successful drop-in craft event for us.

    Mary Soucie

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